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Top Five Destinations For Those Looking For the Best Kansas City Shopping Districts

Kansas City, Missouri is a beautiful place, full of life, and an excellent place to live. This is evident from the constant expansion of Kansas City's downtown and Midwestern district. Kansas City is also well known for its dining and shopping opportunities. When it comes to shopping and dining, Kansas City still has it all.

Kansas City shopping districts

Kansas City's downtown is comprised of 22 neighbourhoods that collectively make up the crown jewel of Kansas City's real estate development and retail development. These neighbourhoods are District One: A collection of buildings and properties managed by Bank Of America located between Main Street and Penn Station. Properties here include a couple of high rises, a theatre and the Bank Of America building. Chestnuttown: The name of this neighbourhood is derived from the long flowing river that flows through the heart of Chestnut Ridge. This area houses some of the most high-end retail development in Kansas City.

The second part of the Kansas City Shopping District is District Two, which is focused on the area west of the downtown area. The storefronts of this area are concentrated along North Broadway and North Avenue. The homes for sale here range from single-family homes to condos with many having both parking and yard space.

District Three: The third district is centred around the Kansas City International Airport and its vicinity. There are only a few areas in downtown Kansas City that have a blend of retail and dining like this. The commercial core of Kansas City includes parcels managed by Kansas City Life Insurance Company. The terminal itself is designed by architect Arthur Hills. The per capita sales in the area are higher than in any other downtown shopping district.

Chestnut Street: The fourth major neighbourhood in Kansas City is centred around the intersection of Chestnut Street and Prospect Street. Chestnut is a long street lined with high-rise buildings. There is some very nice retail development here including a movie theatre. The homes for sale here are priced higher than many other Kansas City neighbourhoods. Chestnut Street is also where the downtown district ends and begins to develop into mid-range residential locations.

Fenton's: Fenton's is one of those Kansas City neighbourhoods that have an alluring quality to it. It is one of the hottest shopping destinations in the downtown area and draws a good number of out-of-towners as well as Kansas City residents. Fenton's is one of the few areas in downtown Kansas City that has a mixture of high end retailing along with mid-range dining. The homes for sale here are priced in the same upper range as the others mentioned but are more affordable.

Noland's: One of the newer malls to open in Kansas City is the Northland Collection, which is located at the northwest corner of the city. The mall includes a variety of retailers including K-Mart, Lowe's and a variety of restaurants. The mall is divided by an entrance onto Noland's Terrace which contains restaurants such as Cap n Jack's and Wild Hens. The residents of this area are extremely affluent and are focused on being the best they can be.

The citizens of Kansas City like to shop; therefore any opportunity to increase residents shopping opportunities is great. A shopping district increases foot traffic into the storefronts, which will inevitably attract people walking by looking for things they want. The residents walking by will have a variety of things to do including taking in the shopping, perusing the storefronts or just watching. Kansas City's mixed-use, the upscale environment makes it a shopper's dream place to live. It is one of the liveliest cities in the U.S. with many residents saying they don't go home unless they shop somewhere.