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Located on the western edge of Missouri, Kansas City straddles the state border. Famous for barbecue, it also has a jazz history. Visitors can visit the American Jazz Museum in the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum's building in the 18th and Vine Jazz District. For art lovers, the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum features giant shuttlecocks jutting out of the front, and its collections range from ancient to contemporary.

Kansas City

The city's crossroads status led to its growth. In 1905, a new road was laid out through the West Bottoms. Originally a bustling, industrial area, the area is now being revitalized. The former stockyards are being transformed into apartments, and Kemper Arena, which was home to the Republican National Convention in 1976, is now a sports complex. The Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport houses the Aviation History Museum, which is one of the city's premier attractions.

The city is also a hub for commerce. With a growing population, the Kansas City metropolitan area is home to numerous industries. In the past, it was a major trailhead for travelers. A railroad bridge connecting eleven trunk railroads crossed the Hannibal River, and today, more rail tonnage passes through the city than any other U.S. city. The airport at Union Station is one of the busiest in the country, and several highways meet in the Kansas City area.