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Sitting on the western border of Kansas and Missouri, Kansas City is a major hub for both the music and arts. It is best known for its barbecue and jazz heritage, and the American Jazz Museum and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum share a building in the city's historic 18th & Vine jazz district. The Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, whose entrance features giant shuttlecocks, is home to more than 40,000 works of art, from ancient to modern.

Kansas City

The westport district, a redeveloped town, has restaurants, shops, nightlife, and theaters. The downtown area is also known for the T-Mobile Center and the Midland Theater, which are both concert venues. The city has a population of around a million, and it is home to several large universities, a college, and a hospital. The state's highest-ranking official is the former Governor of Missouri.

In addition to the KCMO airport, the city is home to several major sports teams. The Kansas City Royals played well and won the World Series in 1985, but have not won the Super Bowl since 1970. Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs wear the red and white color of the team's uniform. It is a great city for sporting events and cultural experiences. It is a popular place for festivals, and is home to numerous museums and theaters.